Illuminating the Science of Life through Visual Communication

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We’re here to help with journal covers, graphical abstracts, figures and illustrations and welcome any inquiries for new art.

Cover art


Graphical abstracts and figures


Medical illustration



It’s wonderful to see ten years of research depicted so beautifully, with a concept and a layout that more than does it justice.

Erica Ollmann Saphire, Ph.D.
Professor, Immunology & Microbial Science
The Scripps Research Institute

Sigrid is simply amazing. She never ceases to surprise and delight with her ability to translate complex scientific concepts into beautiful clear and creative designs. She is just a great pleasure to work with.

Pardis Sabeti, Ph.D., M.D. Professor,
Center for Systems Biology and Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University

Sigrid Knemeyer has a true talent for conveying complex scientific concepts through accurate and captivating illustrations. I have had the pleasure of working with Sigrid from start to finish on numerous projects at the Broad Institute, and her ability to quickly absorb and understand scientific nuances, ask insightful questions, and deliver imagery that illuminates and educates never ceases to impress both communications colleagues and scientists alike. Working with Sigrid is truly a pleasure – her thoughtfulness and collaborative spirit shine through in both her daily interactions and her exemplary work.

Haley Bridger
Science Communications Specialist
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard