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Fabrica Vitae in Athens, Greece

The Fabrica Vitae exhibit will be traveling to the Andreas Syggros museum. The show is opening on December 17th and will be on display until January 17th, 2015. The Syggros museum is famous of its dermatological wax models and is located in the Andreas Syggros Hospital in Athens, Greece. For more information about the museum, follow this link.


Fabrica Vitae in Zykanthos, Greece

During the Vesalius Continuum in Zykanthos, Greece, the Fabrica Vitae exhibit made it’s debut and first stop of the touring exhibit. The intention is to showcase artwork in the spirit of Andreas Vesalius and question what we consider the role of art and anatomy in this modern world. The Vesalius Continuum, commemorated the 500th Anniversary of Andreas Vesalius’ birth in Brussels, but also the mystery surrounding his death and grave in Zakynthos. During the three days, speakers from around the globe presented talks about Vesalius’ life, the Fabrica Vitae, the impact of his book on anatomy teaching and our contemporary perception of the human body.  I am very humbled and thankful to have been able to attend and submit four pieces to the show.




Fabrica Vitae and Vesalius Continuum in the New York Times

The upcoming Vesalius Continuum and Fabrica Vitae exhibit, which starts next week Sept 4-8, were mentioned today in the New York Times science section.

You may find the article here.



Fabrica-Vitae exhibition throughout Europe

Sigrid will be participating in the touring exhibition about the fabric of life inspired by Andreas Vesalius. This exhibit will start with the AEIMS conference in Greece in September 2014 and travel throughout five different locations within Europe, amongst them the Museum of Medical History at the Charite, Berlin.

Three of the art pieces focus on human anatomy/pathology and the fourth one on biological implications of the mutation of LARGE on the entry of the Lassa virus into the cell. We’re very excited to be part of this phenomenal exhibit.

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